All creatives, URLs and tracking should always be secure (HTTPS).

Standard dimensions

Desktop Helsida – 1280×635 px, 250kb
Mobil Helsida – 1080×1920 px, 150kb
Panorama XL – 980x240px, 120kb
Panorama Standard – 980×120 px, 100kb
Outsider / TWS – 250×600 & 300x250 px, 100kb
MPU – 480×280 px, 100kb
Mobil Standard ( – 320×320 px, 90 kb

For all standard formats we accept the following formats; JPG, GIF, PNG, Third-party script, HTML (please follow the HTML specification for Adtech and Adform on this page). Please note that for the full pages we can´t receive HTML format. 

Sticky production

Panorama Sticky - 980x240 + 980x120 px
Mobil Sticky – 320×320 px + 320×50 px
Recommended img file format; JPG

For Sticky Production: Please do NOT send HTML format since this is not compatible with our standard banner set for the production!